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Welcome to Muzn’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) where you can find answers to questions that might arise as you begin to discover more about Muzn and the benefits of Islamic Banking. Muzn’s Shari’a experts will address your questions and provide the right answers, so please do not hesitate in helping us complement Muzn’s mission of being your trusted banking allegiance.​

Products and services

An independent Shari’a Board approves all Muzn Islamic Banking products and services. No funds pertaining to Muzn Islamic Banking will be invested in any non-Shari’a compliant assets or taken from any Non-Shari’a compliant sources. Muzn offers you peace of mind with each product or service offered through a Fatwa certificate which is signed by the Shari’a Board. 

As Shari’a Scholars on religious boards carry great responsibility. It is essentially a pre-requisite that only high caliber scholars are appointed to the religious boards.​

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