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Welcome to Muzn’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) where you can find answers to questions that might arise as you begin to discover more about Muzn and the benefits of Islamic Banking. Muzn’s Shari’a experts will address your questions and provide the right answers, so please do not hesitate in helping us complement Muzn’s mission of being your trusted banking allegiance.​


We currently have one branch located in Azaiba North – A'Sahwa Towers. Additionally, some operations can be delivered in any of National Bank of Oman branches and Sadara centers across the Sultanate of Oman.

South Azaiba Way No: 244 Al Sahwa Towers Building No: 2, Ground Floor, Phone: 24527198

Al-Janobiah Way no: 6901, Building no: 15 Phone: 24452387

Near Sanaya Roundabout Opposite Badr AlSamaa Poly Clinic Phone: 25540726

Al Waqaibah Way No: 4803 Building No: 24 Block No: 2248 Phone: 26846692, 26846044, 26846118

Nizwa city Firq area Hay Alain Junction Near Aldiyar Hotel Phone: 25411241, 25411681

Al Zaky Building Opposite Souk AlMarkazi Phone: 23291310

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