​​​​​The Muzn Islamic Banking Current Account ensures Shari’a-compliant banking with easy access to your funds. 

Shari'a-compliant banking has just become much easier, thanks to Muzn Islamic Banking’s Current Account duly approved by distinguished Shari'a Board members. The account offers you complete peace of mind that your money is managed according to the principles of the Shari’a and will not be used for any non-Shari’a compliant activities.

The Shari’a concept of Muzn Current Account

Our Muzn Current Account is based on the concept of Qardh-Hasan, where your money is placed in the bank under the contract of Qardh. We guarantee that we will return this money to you at any time and without sharing any profit.

Key Fact Statement (KFS)​

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact ​​St​atement​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​


  • Guaranteed Deposit Amount
    Muzn Islamic Banking guarantees your principal amount with no profit sharing or capital appreciation.
  • Convenient banking
    Make unlimited deposits and withdrawals from any Muzn Islamic Banking branches.
  • Easy access
    Your Muzn Islamic Current Account Debit Card gives you 24x7 access to your money anywhere in the world.


  • Your Muzn Islamic Current Account comes with a Cheque book facility.
  • Access your funds 24 hours a day through the OmanNet, GCC and MasterCard networks worldwide by using your ATM/Debit Card.
  • Set up freestanding instructions for payment of bills and funds transfers and never worry about bills again.
  • Stay on top of your finances with a free account statement (generated every six months).

How to Apply

Muzn Islamic Current Account can be opened with minimum balance requirement of OMR 200. To complete the account opening process, please visit the following branches with your national ID Card/Passport and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank*.




South Athaibah Way No: 244 Al Sahwa Towers Building No: 2, Ground Floor, Phone: 24527198




Al-Janobiah Way no: 6901, Building no: 15 Phone: 24452387




Near Sanaya Roundabout Opposite Badr AlSamaa Poly Clinic Phone: 25540726




Al Waqaibah Way No: 4803 Building No: 24 Block No: 2248 Phone: 26846692, 26846044, 26846118




Nizwa city Firq area Hay Alain Junction Near Aldiyar Hotel Phone: 25411241, 25411681




Al Zaky Building Opposite Souk AlMarkazi Phone: 23291310


* Terms & Conditions apply.
Disclaimer: All Muzn Islamic Banking products and services are approved by the Muzn Shari’a Supervisory Board and are subject to Muzn Islamic Banking’s terms and conditions and submission of acceptable documentation.​

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