​​​Muzn Treasury is committed to provide attractive returns on your surplus funds in accordance with Sharia’ principles and competitive exchange rate on your foreign currency transactions.​​

At Muzn IslamicTreasury, we are committed to providing the best returns on your surplus funds. We offer customers the most competitive exchange rates for remittances in major foreign currencies.

Wakala deposits

We accept long-term funds from our customers under the concept of Wakala and we offer attractive rates of return. We currently accept Wakala deposits in Omani Rials (OMR) and US Dollars (USD) for periods ranging from one month to five years. Our customers can earn higher returns by investing their funds for longer periods.

Foreign currency remittances

We provide remittance facility to our customers in all GCC currencies and other major currencies at the best exchange rates.​

Our correspondent banks

A list of our correspondent banks for major foreign currencies can be downloaded here. For details on all other currencies, please contact us.​

The way forward

Over the coming years, we expect Islamic Banking to gain widespread acceptance and we constantly strive for new opportunities for our customers. As markets grow products such as Sukuks, Sharia compliant equity funds etc. are expected to provide additional investment opportunities to residents of the Sultanate.

For additional information on our services and products, please contact + 968 2477 8906 or email us at venkateshr@nbo.co.om


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