Muzn CCDMs:

No more waiting in long queues for a teller to help you. With our advanced deposit machines you can deposit cash directly into your Muzn account from more than 70 locations across the country through NBO CCDMs. For locations please click here.


CCDM NameRegionFunction
Mina Al-Fahal BranchMuscatFFM
Wattaya BranchMuscatFFM
Corniche BranchMuscatFFM
Hamriya Branch - FFMMuscatFFM
MOH BranchMuscatFFM
Musana BranchBatinah SouthFFM
Khabourah BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Quriyat BranchMuscatFFM
Khasab BranchMusandamFFM
Sumail BranchDakhliyaFFM
Dhank BranchDhahirahFFM
Bahla BranchDakhliyaFFM
Al-Kamil BranchSharqiya SouthFFM
Salalah Main BranchDhofarFFM
Fanja BranchDakhliyaFFM
Afi BranchBatinah SouthFFM
Al Khoudh BranchMuscatFFM
Sultan Qaboos Hospital Branch SalalahDhofarFFM
Bidaya BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Masirah BranchSharqiya SouthFFM
Al-Hamra BranchDakhliyaFFM
Al-Mudhaibi Branch Sharqiya NorthFFM
Muscat Grand MallMuscatFFM
Al Mawalah BranchMuscatFFM
Ministry Of Education BranchMuscatFFM
Al Khuwair Branch - FFMMuscatFFM
Qurum Branch - FFMMuscatFFM
Mirbat Salalah BranchDhofarFFM
Sohar Industrial Area BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Jalan Bani Bu Hassan BranchSharqiya SouthFFM
Suwaiq BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Bukha BranchMusandamFFM
Seeb Town Branch - FFM (98)MuscatFFM
Sohar Safeer HypermarketBatinah NorthFFM
Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar ResortDakhliyaFFM
Ministry of Manpower SalalahDhofarFFM
Sohar BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Sur Branch - FFM (131)Sharqiya SouthFFM
Saham BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Amerat SouqMuscatFFM
Al-Ameerat BranchMuscatFFM
Shati Al-Qurum BranchMuscatFFM
Majan College DarsaitMuscatFFM
Al-Iraqi Ibri BranchDhahirahFFM
Bousher BranchMuscatFFM
Rustaq BranchBatinah SouthFFM
Sinaw BranchSharqiya NorthFFM
PDO Head OfficeMuscatFFM
Airport BranchMuscatFFM
SQU Branch near Al-MahaMuscatFFM
Duqum BranchWustaFFM
Al-Azaiba BranchMuscatFFM
Barka BranchBatinah SouthFFM
Shinas BranchBatinah NorthFFM
Jalan Bani Bu Ali BranchSharqiya SouthFFM
Nizwa BranchDakhliyaFFM
Liwa BrahchBatinah NorthFFM
Ibra Branch FFMSharqiya NorthFFM
Ibri BranchDhahirahFFM
Mabellah Branch - FFMMuscatFFM
Main Branch FFMMuscatFFM
Nizwa Firq Branch - FFMDakhliyaFFM
Sohar Branch Hambar - FFMBatinah NorthFFM
Salalah New Branch - FFMDhofarFFM

Muzn ATMs

Enjoy round-the-clock banking convenience and our user-friendly interface, available in both English and Arabic, for a smooth banking experience. 

Following are the locations of Muzn Islamic Banking ATMs (these machines can also be used to deposit Cash to your Muzn Account): 


Muzn ATM Region Function
Muzn Azaiba Branch MuscatFFM
Muzn Mabellah BranchMuscatFFM
Muzn Sur BranchSharqiyaFFM
Muzn Sohar Branch BatinahFFM
Muzn Nizwa BranchDakhiliya FFM
Muzn Salalah BranchDhofar FFM