At Muzn Islamic Banking, we strive to provide outstanding Sharia’ compliant solutions through financial expertise with the goal of meeting your business requirements. As we continue  of our efforts to foster innovation, we have launched a new product -  Muzn Tijarah. This product is designed for Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, enabling customers to earn attractive returns on surplus cash balances in their accounts.

How it works

Muzn Tijarah is a Tier based profit earning account, based on the concept of Wakalah bil Istithmar.  Funds under this product will be invested in a Sharia’ compliant investment pool and the returns generated from the pool are distributed to customers on monthly basis.
The balance maintained in this account accrues profit on the daily closing balance, which is credited to the account at monthly intervals. Muzn provides the option of linking a Tijarah account with the customer’s current account and any shortfall in the current account due to payments is supplemented by transfer of the available balance to the Tijarah account.

  • A minimum deposit of RO 25,000/= for profit eligibility
  • A tier based profit account with higher profit rates for higher deposits 
  • A profit bearing account with profit accruals based on average day end balances during the month 
  • No minimum balance charges on the account
  • A corporate ATM card (Sole Proprietorship) 
  • A cash deposit facility at more than 60 CCDMs of NBO and Muzn
  • No cash withdrawal limit
  • Access to our Corporate Internet Banking platform


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Disclaimer: All Muzn Islamic Banking products and services are approved by the Muzn Shari’a Supervisory Board and are subject to Muzn Islamic Banking’s terms and conditions and submission of acceptable documentation.