No compromise on quality education

Looking to give that boost to your career or striving to give your child a strong platform. Importance of quality education cannot be ignored; yet the costs can be substantial. Muzn Education Finance can now help you achieve your and your family’s education goals. 

Through Muzn Education Finance you can get Shariah compliant financing for educational programs, semester fee, course books, diplomas, certifications, etc. offered by institutions inside and outside Oman. Access to Quality education wasn’t this affordable before.

Muzn Education Financing can be availed by 

  • The applicant
  • The applicant’s spouse
  • The applicant’s children
  • Any other person nominated by the applicant.

So avail education now and pay later in easy installments. 

Key Features of Muzn Islamic Personal Financing – Education Finance
  • Financing in accordance with Shari’a.
  • Shari’a permissible concept of Service Ijarah
  • Maximum Facility amount subject to DBR
  • Competitive Rates
  • Available for people aged 21  to 60 years
  • Available for Omani Nationals and Expatriates.
  • 100% financing value.
  • Minimum Salary Requirement of OMR 500 per month
  • Mandatory Life takaful.
  • Available for Salaried individuals
  • Maximum Tenor of 10 Years
  • Minimum Tenor of 01 Year.
  • Flexibility of financing courses, tuition fee, semester fee, annual fee, books etc.

How to Apply

At Muzn Islamic Banking, we believe that banking should be made simple for everyone. For more information, please visit the following branches or call 24770001.



South Azaiba Way No: 244 Al Sahwa Towers Building No: 2, Ground Floor, Phone: 24527198


Al-Janobiah Way no: 6901, Building no: 15 Phone: 24452387


Near Sanaya Roundabout Opposite Badr AlSamaa Poly Clinic Phone: 25540726


Al Waqaibah Way No: 4803 Building No: 24 Block No: 2248 Phone: 26846692, 26846044, 26846118


Nizwa city Firq area Hay Alain Junction Near Aldiyar Hotel Phone: 25411241, 25411681


Al Zaky Building Opposite Souk AlMarkazi Phone: 23291310






* Terms & Condtions apply.

Disclaimer: All Muzn Islamic Banking products and services are approved by the Muzn Shari’a Supervisory Board and are subject to Muzn Islamic Banking’s terms and conditions and submission of acceptable documentation.